We are proud to say that we have the best container return solutions

Different markets have different needs. RVM Systems has developed a unique system that can be adapted world wide. We garantee the most efficient solution for each store.

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Our Reverse Vending Machines are delivered with the latest 360° fast recognition system as standard meeting all requirements for RVMs from 2018.

User friendly

The RVM machines are easy to use for both customers and staff.

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We use the same technology in every different size range. This will ensure efficiency and safety.



The system is easy to expand as your needs grow .


Price-/Performance ratio

An efficient operating RVM-machine provides higher value than the initial investment throughout the life cycle

Save space, money and time…


  • Up to 30% more efficient compaction
  • Optimized drop point reduce the need to shake the container to achieve full capacity
  • You save space because the machines are very compact and packaging bags and boxes can be fully utilized
  • You’ll save money because you need less packaging bags and boxes
  • You’ll save time and money because your staff can concentrate on the customers and the store and not the reverse vending machine

Without compromizing on the quality…

RVM Systems deliver the same technology at the whole range of machine types, this ensures quality, efficiency and reliability of both small and large systems.

Contact our sales team – we will assist you in finding the best solution.


RVM-hardware always include:

12 months full warranty

The warranty covers all components without restrictions.


Free user training

We and our partners train your staff free of charge after the installation .


Phone service

Knowledgeable phone service 

Best price / performance ratio

Reliable performance



The stylish recycling plant unit will finalize functionality and keep the place tidy. They also serve as an excellent marketing and customer service which is appreciated by consumers . Recycled units can also be embedded in the wall. 

Example of installations

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