RVM X20 is part of a new generation of reverse vending machines, designed for PET plastic bottles and metal cans. It’s a compact stand-alone machine, designed for larger supermarkets. It’s reliable, fast and future proof.

RVM X20 has been developed using new technology so it can meet future recycling challenges. Designed for large supermarkets, it is packaged in a compact, stand-alone, cost-effective machine.


Fast Acceptance up to 60 bottles or cans per minute


Easy to use, easy to maintain


Easy to Brand due to flat sides and front


  • Modular design enables future upgrades
  • Designed for Deposit Return Schemes
  • Easy to brand with full graphic wrap

Deposit Return Scheme ready

  • 2 Euro Pallets, 1 for CAN and 1 for PET
  • Small foot print with large storage capacity
  • Designed for high capacity returns
  • Standard 3 pin electricity socket "plug and play"

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