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RVM Systems -pullonpalautusautomaatti
RVM Systems - Reverse Vending Machines

RVM Systems develop, produce, manufacture and maintain Reverse Vending Machines. We have solutions for all types of stores.

After more than  20 years in the industry field, RVM Systems has acquired exceptionally high level of expertise and is one of the world’s leading players.

RVM Systems

RVM Systems is a Norwegian Company which develop, produce, manufacture, install and maintains RVM solutions for all types of grocery stores.

We have installed more than

installed machines

Quality according to the study


our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with RVM 's activities

RVM Systems supplies reverse vending systems to all countries around the world.
RVm Systems in different countries
RVM Systemsin asiakastyytyväisyys pullonpalautusratkaisuissa on huippuluokkaa

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